Real-estate agency

Property relations

Interesting service of our real agency is seeking real estate owners. We operate not only on the territory of the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Owners – our compatriots or their offspring – today live all over the world.

When seeking the owners we cooperate with leading world genealogic companies engaged in seeking ancestors, lineage and migration of members of particular families. Also thanks to this cooperation, we can pride ourselves as being very successful. We managed to find owners for example in USA, Israel, Australia, and other countries, but we are able to find them nearly anywhere in the world.

In connection with this activity we engage also in mapping property on the territory of the Czech Republic and its owners from the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938) till present.

Legal analyses of ownership relations

When clarifying ownership relations we secure:

  • genealogic studies
  • genesis of property confiscated during “totality” period
  • seeking real estate owners and their legal successors