Real-estate agency


Beside services stated in the previous sections, we provide also the following specific services

  • Assessment of investment intentions
  • Financial and tax consultancy
  • Architectural and construction work
  • Geodetic services
  • Expertises and appraisals
  • All work relating to reconstruction of buildings
  • Vacating apartment houses

Vacating apartment houses

For real estate owners who want to vacate an apartment house, we secure:

  • moving out tenants in accordance previous agreement with the owner, including payment of compensation for vacating the apartment
  • seeking a suitable apartment for tenants, including agreements
  • handing over an apartment back to the proprietor, including agreements with utilities and services suppliers
  • renting apartments for market rent, as agreed with the proprietor, or preparing an “owner´s declaration” and selling vacated apartments to third parties.

Geodetic services

We secure:

  • cooperation with reputable geodetic companies
  • surveys of land and plots for constructions of houses
  • measurements for “owner´s declarations”.

All work relating to reconstruction of buildings

We secure:

  • preparing projects for reconstruction, in cooperation with architectural firms
  • reconstructions from building permission up to occupancy permits
  • cooperation with construction companies

Architectural and construction work

We secure:

  • designs and realisation of constructions in cooperation with architectural firms
  • preparing construction documentation including project
  • building new attic apartments in roof spaces of houses or penthouses

Expertises and appraisals

We secure:

  • preparing all expertises and appraisals in cooperation with experts setting the real estate value
  • expertises in accordance with bank regulations
  • real estate appraisals in accordance with valid regulations

Financial and tax consultancy

We secure:

  • financial and tax consultancy in the field of real estate
  • tax consultancy and tax processing in the field of real estate
  • mortgage loans for purchase of real estate, and that in cooperation with leading banking institutions

Assessment of investment intentions

  • due to long-term experience, we are able to secure for clients individual real estate market research
  • assessment of the client´s investment intention in the field of real estate

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