Real-estate agency


We secure all services in connection with house management including relating legal advices.

We provide management of real estate in ownership of towns, but also in ownership of private persons or other legal entities (e. g. societies, communities of owners, owners´s associations etc.).

We perform the management of buildings in accordance with the requirements of the owners, and in accordance with a contract of mandate entered into with the owner. We also endeavour to solve issues with tenants not paying rent for the benefit of the real-estate owners.

We have a lot of experience in this field. We aim to do our best to satisfy maximally our clients, who can choose scope and extent of services we will ensure for them. Based on their request, we enter into contracts of mandate that will suit them.

We secure the technical management, as well as bookkeeping and other services connected with the real-estate management.

Other services related to real-estate management

  • arranging foundation of a building cooperative, a limited liability company, or a community of owners
  • finding a suitable flat for tenants, etc.
  • securing lease of flats/apartments and non-residential premises in the managed buildings
  • securing changes in the Commercial Register
  • providing legal services
  • providing assistance when arranging loans

The real-estate management bookkeeping

  • processing all financial operations on a special account of a house
  • checking the invoices and their settlement from the account of the owner
  • double-entry bookkeeping according to regulations in force
  • archiving documents
  • preparing and filing tax return
  • preparing balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • preparing annual financial statement
  • annual balance sheet on amount and purpose of use of the funds for maintenance, as well as expected income from rents in the next periods
  • processing wages
  • preparing for community of owners breakdown of the repairs fund for relevant year, including specification of costs and debtors
  • preparing for the co-owners summary of incomes from lease for their tax returns according to their co-ownership share

The real-estate technical management

  • keeping technical records of houses, flats/apartments and non-residential premises
  • keeping records of tenants and non-residential premises
  • securing communication between the proprietors and tenants, including administration
  • securing supplies of utilities (electric power, gas, water, heating, hot utility water), garbage collecting, including contracts with the suppliers, lift/elevator operating, common TV antenna, cleaning of the common premises of the buildings, sidewalks and adjacent green spaces, gardening services, operation of boiler rooms, emergency services, etc.
  • annual accounts and billing of heat, hot utility water and other services consumption
  • taking over from, and handing over the flats/apartments to the tenants according to the instructions from the owners
  • specification of, and checking, the payments of rent or contributions to the fund for maintenance and repairs
  • processing lists of debtors, tenants in default with rent payments and/or payments for services connected with the use of the flats/apartment, or co-owners in default with contributions to the repair funds, as well as providing cooperation when collecting payments owed
  • annual accounts of costs relating to the operation and maintenance of real estate
  • securing printing of money orders and regular handing over and taking over of data from the Czech Postal Office within SIPO (Concentrated Collection of Payments of the Population
  • annual reports on physical and legal status of real estate, including plans for repairs for the future
  • revision of technical installations in the managed buildings, including elimination of detected defects
  • minor maintenance, emergency repairs, and removing failures
  • fulfilling obligations resulting from the fire protection regulations
  • reconstructions and improvements of buildings in accordance with approved projects, , preparing invitations to tender, representing the owner in these matters and participation in building procedures and construction management
  • attendance at the meetings of the members of the board of community of owners and assemblies of owners.

All work relating to reconstruction of buildings

We secure:

  • preparing projects for reconstruction, in cooperation with architectural firms
  • reconstructions from building permission up to occupancy permits
  • cooperation with construction companies

Financial and tax consultancy

We secure:

  • financial and tax consultancy in the field of real estate
  • tax consultancy and tax processing in the field of real estate
  • mortgage loans for purchase of real estate, and that in cooperation with leading banking institutions

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