Real-estate agency


The real-estate technical management

  • keeping technical records of houses, flats/apartments and non-residential premises
  • keeping records of tenants and non-residential premises
  • securing communication between the proprietors and tenants, including administration
  • securing supplies of utilities (electric power, gas, water, heating, hot utility water), garbage collecting, including contracts with the suppliers, lift/elevator operating, common TV antenna, cleaning of the common premises of the buildings, sidewalks and adjacent green spaces, gardening services, operation of boiler rooms, emergency services, etc.
  • annual accounts and billing of heat, hot utility water and other services consumption
  • taking over from, and handing over the flats/apartments to the tenants according to the instructions from the owners
  • specification of, and checking, the payments of rent or contributions to the fund for maintenance and repairs
  • processing lists of debtors, tenants in default with rent payments and/or payments for services connected with the use of the flats/apartment, or co-owners in default with contributions to the repair funds, as well as providing cooperation when collecting payments owed
  • annual accounts of costs relating to the operation and maintenance of real estate
  • securing printing of money orders and regular handing over and taking over of data from the Czech Postal Office within SIPO (Concentrated Collection of Payments of the Population
  • annual reports on physical and legal status of real estate, including plans for repairs for the future
  • revision of technical installations in the managed buildings, including elimination of detected defects
  • minor maintenance, emergency repairs, and removing failures
  • fulfilling obligations resulting from the fire protection regulations
  • reconstructions and improvements of buildings in accordance with approved projects, , preparing invitations to tender, representing the owner in these matters and participation in building procedures and construction management
  • attendance at the meetings of the members of the board of community of owners and assemblies of owners.