Real-estate agency


The Real Agency Horren has been formed in the year 1993. Since than, we have managed to become one of the top and reputable companies with professional specialization in Prague, Central-Bohemia Region, and thereafter also in through out the Czech Republic. From the year 1999, our company cooperates with real agencies in the European countries, USA and Canada.

Significant clients of our company:

  • Bank Komerční banka, a. s., Štěpánská 42, Prague 1
  • Investment company investiční společnost Heladorf, a. s.
  • Mr. Tomáš Baťa, Břehová, s. r. o.
  • Gestin, a. s., Na Poříčí 10, Prague 1
  • Age Invest, a. s., Opletalova 33, Prague 1
  • Society Družstvo Dove Properties
  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Letenská 15, Prague 1

Significant part of our activities is complete management of real estate. Among our clients using our services belong for example the following: 

  • Cimburkova, a. s.
  • Community of owners Na Bělidle
  • Community of owners Na Viktorce
  • Community of owners Koperníkova
  • Community of owners Černokostelecká 2111
  • Housing cooperative Dove Properties Rocambole, a. s.
  • Priming, s. r. o.
  • Community of owners Lucemburská
  • Housing cooperative Jana Želivského
  • Community of owners Kodaňská
  • Community of owners Jeremenkova
  • Community of owners Oldřichova
  • Community of owners Táborská
  • Community of owners Kolátorova
  • Community of owners Jungmannova
  • Community of owners Tulipánová
  • Community of owners Lublaňská

With respect to the needs of the clients, our company extended its activities also into other fields relating to the real-agency activities, as are for example construction activities. When securing architectural or construction work, as well as moving services, our partners are companies which are fully reliable and time-tested from our part.