Real-estate agency

Summary of practical advices for a real agency visitor

  • Use services of well-established reputable real agencies. Do not let yourself be beguiled by individuals promising fantastic real estates and services.
  • The level of particular real agency is evident also from the equipment of its offices, behaviour of its staff and entire atmosphere.
  • Open your mind and get informed about the manner of operation of the agency which you have chosen. Study its operating rules.
  • Enter into a contract with the agency after careful consideration. No respectable businessman, and therefore also a real agency, should force you to decide quickly.
  • Reserve in the executed contract that you will accept only such purchaser who will fulfil all the terms and conditions of the sale as specified in the brokerage contract.
  • Require complete and perfect brokerage contract, request accurate wording of all its provisions, important are also the dates, terms and amount of brokerage. In case of any doubts, consult the entire thing with a lawyer before signing the contract.
  • Accept only such purchase contract which is prepared by a notary or an attorney at law. Refuse a contract drafted by other persons.
  • When purchasing a real estate via a real agency, request a proof documenting that the real agency may offer such real estate. By that you can avoid later worthless problems.
  • Inspect duly the real estate you want to buy, in case of any doubts address an expert. Request all necessary documents relating to the real estate, as well as other information. Make your decision only after thorough consideration of all facts.
  • If you expect respectable conduct from the part of the real agency, act also respectable. The basis of a successful deal is mutual trust in each other.