Real-estate agency

Setting real sale price

Setting real sale price is at present very problematic. A reputable agency firstly performs an analysis of the situation at the market, considers technical condition of the real estate, judges and assesses possible encumbrances, charges, easements or other obstacles, and acquaints with such facts the client in details. Here proves in full extent professionalism and respectability of the agency. The client should be convinced that the price is optimal. From the purchase price result also the amount of brokerage. The brokerage is usually between 3-6 %, however it is possible also to agree upon lower brokerage (in particular in case of large real estate), as the case may be, the brokerage can be also higher. It is also possible to agree upon another manner to set the brokerage. Customarily, the brokerage is paid by the party ordering the service, often the brokerage is divided between both the parties; some of the agencies take brokerage only from the purchaser. Implied part of an exclusive contract is the provision solving contractual penalty. This institute enables the agency to cover its costs in case of frustration of the business deal, if the client within the agreed term retains another agency, or sell the real estate himself/herself/itself. For during the entire time, the real agency bears the commercial risks, and therefore it must protect itself at least partially. By signing the brokerage agreement starts another phase of the sale.