Residence Jungmannova

About the project

The Residence Jungmannova offers modern residential and business premises in the very centre of Prague. In the project are in total 12 residential and non-residential units of various sizes from one room with kitchenette up to six rooms with kitchen. Four of the newly built attic apartments provide glorious view of the Prague Castle and the hill Petřín. By its lay-out, the project enables living for singles, as well as for families with children, and also for all who want to be directly connected with the city life.

Location and transport accessibility

The house is situated on Jungmannova street in a row of houses in the central part of the city, directly beside the Kalich Theatre. The parks at the Charles Square or Kampa Island, Žofín Island or the island “Střelecký ostrov” are in a walk distance. All necessary amenities and facilities, including hospital, are near. The location of the residence enables excellent accessibility to various shops, shopping malls, as well as other amenities and facilities. Due to its location, the house has excellent transport accessibility (within 150 m is situated a tram stop, within 400 m is the Metro station, and within ten minutes walk is the railway station).

Equipment and interior of the apartments/flats

In the house, there are 7 storeys above ground. At the ground floor, there is situated a pharmacy and a restaurant with space for food preparation and storage. On the 2nd floor are offices, and from the 3rd to 7th floor are apartments. The apartments are designed with emphasis on quality of used materials (equipment of the bathrooms, tiles, floorings,…), as well as modern and convenient living. Flats and apartments on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors due to high ceilings create properly spacious impression. All interior doors are replicas of original ones with casing frames in white colour. In bathrooms and toilet rooms are used oversized tiles of various colours and shades. In the other rooms of the apartments is oak parquet flooring with herringbone design, in the attic apartments are three-layer wooden floorings – rustic oak. The terraces and balconies are equipped with wooden grating made of larch.

In case of purchase, we offer possibility of payment in instalments, adapting the payment schedule to actual needs of the purchaser.

Unit Floor Layout m2 price with VAT State
Office No. 3 2nd floor 6+1/T 196 + 24(T) 0 sold
Flat or office No. 4 3rd floor 5+1/2B 191 + 10(2B) 0 sold
Flat No. 5 4th floor 3+kk 102 9,677,650 sold
Flat No. 6 4th floor 3+kk 89 0 sold
Flat No. 7 5th floor 3+kk 101  10,501,920 sold
Flat No. 8 5th floor 3+kk 86 8,558,000 sold
Flat No. 9 6th floor 1+kk 24 0 sold
Flat No. 10 6th floor and 7th floor 3+kk/T 125 + 5(T) 12,487,000 sold
Flat No. 11 6th floor and 7th floor 2+kk/T 108 + 5(T) 11,393,550 sold
Flat No. 12 6th floor and 7th floor 2+kk/T 53 + 6(T) 5,820,100 sold

T = terrace; B = balcony; kk = kitchenette